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Women are (again) barred from voting rights at the Amazon Synod

The Amazon Synod is due to begin in early October. It is expected to discuss and vote on environmental concerns in the Amazon region...

Why voting is not enough

Many South Africans made a firm decision not to vote on 8 May given the bevy of corrupt politicians and the deplorable state of public infrastructure and services. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya was among these, as he writes.

IN DEPTH — SA General Election: The voter’s dilemmas

In a few days, South Africans shall go through another general election. Anthony Egan SJ knows that he is obliged to vote but is greatly conflicted about the process and is feeling the pressure. He offers us ways of reflecting on our duty as voters and where we mark ‘X’ when casting our ballot on 8 May.

Pulpit Politics or don’t take anything they say in church seriously?

The fast-approaching elections in South Africa seem to have brought a number of politicians to preach their political views from the pulpit of churches. Anthony Egan SJ, a moral theologian and political scientist explores this phenomenon as we hurtle towards voting day.

Give us a sign, Julius

Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya reflects on Economic Freedom Fighters' Julius Malema's address at the funeral of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. He wonders if Malema will listen to the people he claims to speak on behalf of. Will Julius 'give us a sign' that ensures the marginalised are not just voting fodder?

South African Council of Churches responds to the ANC’s leadership elections

In a statement issued on Tuesday, 19 December, the South African Council of Churches general secretary, Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana, responded to the ANC's leadership election.

Accusations, chaos and a vote that will go ahead

Despite legal interventions, finger-pointing and accusations, the vote for the presidency of the ANC is a case of the  winner takes all. 

Fears of violence increase as Kenyans head to polls again

After the August vote was declared nullified, a second vote in Kenya’s general election again looks to be marred with irregularity, violence and conspiracy. Vincent Nchimunya looks at the latest in Kenya.

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Ethics for educators in a time of disaster

On 23 July, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that schools would close for a second time this year. The reasons given is that...

Natural evil and God: from Voltaire’s “Candide” to Camus’ “The Plague”

Every age has its cataclysm and every generation asks how a loving God can permit suffering. The COVID-19 pandemic has so far...

Cut the government some slack

There is a growing weariness and frustration among South Africans as the COVID-19 pandemic and the government's response enter a fifth month....

Tribute to Andrew Mlangeni: champion against corruption

On 21 July 2020, the last remaining Rivonia trialist Andrew Mokete Mlangeni, who jailed with Nelson Mandela during the anti-apartheid struggle, died...