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Tag: State Capture

His life was gentle – George Bizos

Anti-apartheid activist and human rights champion Advocate George Bizos passed away on Wednesday at the age of 92. Mike Pothier writes this tribute to...

Zuma:‘No’ State Capture! Satire, Farce or Tragedy played for laughs?

"There is no state that is captured", this was the much-reported remark of Jacob Zuma as he addressed university students at Walter Sisulu University...

State Capture and lessons learnt from Spiderman

State Capture has plagued South Africa's public discourse such that its mere mention evokes the strongest feelings of contempt, across the land and beyond. The outbreak of clerical sex-crimes in the Church has evoked similar reactions of disgust. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya looks to Spiderman for inspiration in the hope that the webspinners can offer us the motivation we need to act beyond our justified visceral impulses.

Uncovering state capture

The details of the rise of Jacob Zuma and the related incidences of widespread corruption, and ultimate state capture fill the pages of two South African books, which Anthony Egan believes are both equally essential reading for any South African who wants to stay informed and wants to act.

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