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Politics and religion in (not so polite) society

The recent US election had less to do with mature debate and more with lobbying and finger-pointing to garner votes. Sarah-Leah Pimentel is especially...

SONA was an ‘opportunity lost’ to reassure public – CPLO

The Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office (CPLO) has released its reading of President Cyril Ramaphosa's 2020 State of the Nation Address (SONA) on 13 February....

Me, Myself and Ranjeni: The unbearable heaviness of being

Pope John XXIII wrote in 'Pacem in Terris' that a person "has a natural right to be respected", to a "good name", "to freedom in investigating the truth", "and — within the limits of the moral order and the common good — to freedom of speech and publication," "the freedom to pursue whatever profession he or she may choose", and “to be accurately informed about public events”. To further the rights proclaimed in the Pope's 1963 letter, spotlight.africa publishes this article by Ranjeni Munusamy.

Nostalgics, not Nazis but dangerous nonetheless

The upsurge of extreme-right politics on the global stage is alarming. Chris Chatteris SJ looks at a French movement promoting a dangerous and exclusionary worldview that appears, simplistically, to be anti-migrant. But their real qualms are deeper and, perhaps, they need to be heard.

Second SONA of 2019 — offers hope, encourages resilience, lacks detail

In his assessment of the latest SONA, Peter-John Pearson, the priest-director of the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office, congratulates the president for his attempts at restoring hope and reinvigorating a listless nation, while warning that inspiring arias alone won't go far.

This is not for laughs, Mr President

Two head of state inaugurations this week might be worlds apart but they are closer in many than first meets the eye. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya writes.

Pulpit Politics or don’t take anything they say in church seriously?

The fast-approaching elections in South Africa seem to have brought a number of politicians to preach their political views from the pulpit of churches. Anthony Egan SJ, a moral theologian and political scientist explores this phenomenon as we hurtle towards voting day.

‘I need South Africa as much as it needs me’

Despite vigorous appeals from South Africa’s president, its uncertain and rapidly declining economic and political outlook is driving many citizens to emigrate. Paulina French has been mulling over her reasons for staying, despite attractive opportunities abroad.

Viganò and Ramaphosa: crushing our faith in Church and politics alike

The expectation that our leaders will show ethical and moral behaviour continues to show itself to be wishful thinking. More, it leads us to...

Can politics save us?

Environmental advocacy and concern, like promises made by politicians ahead of elections, seems to amount to nothing: little if any concrete actions result.  Chris...

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Bishop Tsoke moves to Kimberley, Vanqa appointed to Queenstown. Mphiwe ordained for Rustenburg.

At 1pm today in Rome the Holy Father Pope Francis announced that he has appointed as bishop of the diocese of Queenstown, South Africa,...

Don’t give up: a message for the new school year

The 2021 academic year started nearly a month late. Many learners are anxious about the work they missed last year and many are sad...

What do you truly desire?

Inspired by a Netflix series and an Ash Wednesday retreat, Sarah-Leah Pimentel reflects on what she wants out of life. She explains that a...

Continued support for Trump casts shadow on global democracy

United States President Joseph R. Biden Jr, has been in office just shy of a month.  Many people, inside and outside of US borders...