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In business and politics, the ‘common good’ should be our trump card

South African leaders, whether in business, government or even the non-profit sector, offer us little to desire or indeed to aspire to if we consider the mounds of evidence of corruption and criminality revealed on a daily basis across the country's top brass. Mike Batley suggests that they could do worse than look to the Christian ethical principle of the “common good”, and take new direction from old wisdom.

Calling for a tax revolt is immoral

Helen Zille, the previous leader of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa's largest opposition party, provoked a social media storm when she threatened to initiate a "tax revolt" if the country's corruption history wasn't timely tackled. Paulina French investigates what this would mean for our society's poorest and also the moral implications of such action, taking the Catholic Church's social teaching into account.

Viganò and Ramaphosa: crushing our faith in Church and politics alike

The expectation that our leaders will show ethical and moral behaviour continues to show itself to be wishful thinking. More, it leads us to...

A sting in the SAA tale

The national carrier may be forced to ground to a halt if the latest messages hailing from Treasury are anything to go by. Paulina...

Nothing has changed: corruption before and after democracy

We live in a time where corruption is rife—in our country and our world—and every day brings new revelations of nefarious dealings by politicians...

The unspoken horror of electricity shortage in Nigeria

Anthony Aduaka is a Jesuit from Nigeria and has been fascinated in recent weeks by the talk of load-shedding and the discussion around electricity...

Libraries: an escape, an investment

The South African National Library was established 200 years ago in 1818. The fact that it still exists today is a testament to the courage and dedication of many generations of librarians, whose love and passion for maintaining the records, literary works and vast volumes of collected knowledge have kept the institution of the library going throughout our country’s turbulent past. Peter John Moses explains why he believes we owe libraries and their custodians a debt of gratitude for giving us access to our history, for providing safety, and for the opportunity to build a better future.

Is a trip to Home Affairs really a shared frustration?

Some responsibilities are mundane, painful and humbling for all South Africans. A visit to Home Affairs is one such deed that fills most with dread - even bishops. But while the frustration of long queues and a sense of helplessness are common, José Ponce de Leon reminds us that the inconvenience of admin is far more impactful on the most vulnerable South Africans and that while our experiences of frustration are shared, the outcomes are often very different. 

Zimbabwe is between a crisis and an opportunity says faith leadership

Zimbabwe's faith leaders have called for calm, national prayer, respect and a government of national unity amid the political upheaval. 

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