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Enough condemnation, we need protection; we need action

Capetonians took to the streets outside Parliament on Thursday, 5 September to raise their voices and take a stand against the onslaught of femicide and gender-based violence that has rocked South Africa in recent weeks. Claire Mathieson was on the streets and created this pictorial of the day's events.

Vatican document on gender is not a definitive and unquestionable statement

The Vatican-issued document ‘Male and female he created them’ is a call for dialogue and not a definitive and unquestionable statement, reminds Luís Corréa Lima, Jesuit priest, theologian and pastor to the LGBT community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The ethics of tax justice

On day two of the conference on Tax Justice, Domestic Resource Mobilization and Stemming Illicit Financial Flows in Nairobi, Kenya, the focus turned to ethics. Anthony Egan SJ, reports.

Zero-tolerance, frank talk on sexuality and power is needed at Vatican abuse summit

Despicable abuses of sex and power by clergy surface widely at this time. To address this scourge, Pope Francis has ordered 100 of the world’s bishops to come to the Vatican for a summit on sexual abuse, from 21-24 February 2019. For Anthony Egan SJ, a priest and moral theologian, bishops will need to commit themselves to a policy of "zero-tolerance" and “to re-examine sexuality, gender and power” within the Church, if they are to retain any credibility.

Gender-based violence — the voice of today’s youth

Danielle Hoffmeester and Jodi Williams, both work for the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Cape Town. They recently returned from doing a workshop...

Femme fatale – women in gangs

Conversations around gangsterism in South Africa tend to position women exclusively as victims. Danielle Hoffmeester takes a closer look at women in gangs and asks whether their role is limited, or whether female gang members could hold the key to dismantling gangs at large. 

REVIEW — She’s Gotta Have It – a review

The Netflix original series, She's Gotta Have It brings to the fore questions of race, feminism and sexuality in America. Mphuthumi Ntabeni considers whether the series lends itself to constructive and meaningful conversation or whether it's an example of an extreme swing of an entertainment pendulum. 

Why celebrate reconciliation when we’re failing at it?

For reconciliation to occur and be meaningful it must be accompanied by justice, a relinquishing of power and privilege, and of wealth, and according to Danielle Hoffmeester, it also requires will to share our spaces - something which South Africans are failing dismally at.

Why I roll my eyes at 16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism is insufficient and deeply problematic. It fails to change attitudes, to change practices and to address root causes of this societal scourge. Danielle Hoffmeester writes why she believes the campaign is nothing more than a poor political campaign.

Not up for public comment or consumption

Are women groomed to accept a culture of harassment solely for the pleasure of men? Danielle Hoffmeester looks at the damaging effects of cat calling.

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Cut the government some slack

There is a growing weariness and frustration among South Africans as the COVID-19 pandemic and the government's response enter a fifth month....

Tribute to Andrew Mlangeni: champion against corruption

On 21 July 2020, the last remaining Rivonia trialist Andrew Mokete Mlangeni, who jailed with Nelson Mandela during the anti-apartheid struggle, died...