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Tag: #Faith

Rediscovering church

Michaela van Nierop relates how growing up in a Catholic home and attending a Protestant school left her frustrated because the two religious traditions...

Pope and Moroccan King call for interreligious solidarity

Pope Francis is in Morocco for his two-day apostolic visit to the North African country which is 99% Muslim. He was warmly greted by King Mohammed VI, called 'Commander of the Faithful'. Russell Pollitt SJ reports on this historic encounter from Morocco.

Sr Francis Grogan named Woman of Faith and Courage by Jesuit Institute

A Catholic religious sister working with refugees in South Africa was honoured this week for her faith and courage. The recognition was given to...

“The truth — however painful — will set you free!” WLT2018 lectures kick-off in Pretoria

Ricardo da Silva SJ, of the Jesuit Institute South Africa, attended the opening lecture of the Winter Living Theology 2018 series, which started in...

LISTEN — An interview with Fr Bryan Massingale

Fr Russell Pollitt, SJ, spoke to visiting USA scholar Fr Bryan Massingale, who is in South Africa to present Winter Living Theology 2018. Fr...

Cardinal Burke’s theological can of worms

Cardinal Raymond Burke’s remarks at a recent conference in Rome, Anthony Egan says, open up the ongoing tensions in the Church over teaching authority, the primacy of the papacy and ultimately our understanding of truth. Burke made headlines when he claimed that disobeying the pope might be a necessary way forward.

Should we need permits to practice our faith?

There has been, for some time, a debate in South Africa regarding the regulation of religious practitioners. The Commission for the Promotion and Protection...

Rally behind Ramaphosa, bishop tells Spotlight

Bishop Victor Phalana of Klerksdorp, head of the Department of Ecumenism of the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, told Spotlight that the highlight of the recent plenary for him was the encounter with people of other religions and Christian denominations. He also said that the bishops wanted to meet with newly elected ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa, so that they could dialogue with him and see how they can best support him.

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School culture at the heart of shaping new education futures

In a previous article, Mark Potterton described the educational potential of technology but cautioned against reducing learning to an online experience. In...

“Homosexual people have a right to be in a family… nobody should be thrown out,” says Pope Francis

Pope Francis is in the headlines again after a documentary film by the Russian Jew, Evgeny Afineevsky, was premiered at the Rome...

Getting back to normal — Is it even possible?

The world has changed dramatically in less than a year. Shrikant Peters looks beyond the immediate health crisis and examines the impact...

World hunger motivated me to enter the Mrs Gauteng pageant

Mahadi Buthelezi recently entered the Mrs Gauteng 2021 pageant and has been selected as one of the finalists. In her column this...