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Bishops’ Plenary Opening Mass: “What is truth?”

The Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC) January Plenary opened with a mass celebrated by Conference President, Archbishop Stephen Brislin of Cape Town on the evening of 23 January. Spotlight Africa was there to learn more about the Church's plans for the year ahead.

Bishops cautiously congratulate new ANC leadership

Two South African Bishops have told Spotlight Africa that while they congratulate the new leadership of the ANC they want to see evidence that the leadership is serious about moral and ethical governance. They also react to the ANC's call for radical economic transformation and land expropriation without compensation.

EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Brislin speaks on the politics of Catholic leadership and the need for a healing Church in a divided country

In an exclusive interview with Spotlight Africa, Archbishop Stephen Brislin of Cape Town speaks to Ranjeni Munusamy about South Africa’s political situation, the Church’s image, its approach to gay people and why the Catholic Church might have disappointed some people by not being outspoken on the challenges facing South Africa.

Beyond pastoral statements: Towards a comprehensive response

The Church's voice could have great value in South Africa, but its delivery needs work so that more can hear it clearly. But is that enough? Fr Lawrence Ndlovu argues that the Church has the knowledge, the capacity and the mandate to turn words into action. A pastoral response in South Africa must move beyond a paper-based statement. 

Zimbabwe is between a crisis and an opportunity says faith leadership

Zimbabwe's faith leaders have called for calm, national prayer, respect and a government of national unity amid the political upheaval. 

A deafening silence: what I need the bishops to say

During a time of political and social turmoil silence can speak louder than words. One priest asks why the country's bishops have yet to raise their voices. 

Bishops call for anti-corruption court

The SACBC Justice and Peace Commission has called for the creation of a specialised court - one that will deal exclusively with corruption in South Africa.

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