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Mr Ramaphosa, our girls deserve better. An open letter.

Access to free sanitary pads has been on the table for multiple years and countless ministers and leaders and yet this seemingly simple service has simply not been effected. Peter John Moses writes an open letter to the president, imploring him to be better than the rest and to provide a simple solution for something that affects nearly half the population. 

Bishop: Nelson Mandela was not a ‘sell-out’

Since the death of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela a number of voices have asserted that Nelson Mandela, and other leaders who negotiated a peaceful transition in...

Letter to the editor: Why labelling Winnie Madikizela Mandela as a tyrant is wrong

I take strong exception to Paul Trewhela’s likening of Winnie Madikizela Mandela to Hitler and Stalin. I am also stupefied that Spotlight.Africa would publish...

Land — Where To Now? The issues at hand*

The question of land expropriation without compensation continues to evoke debate in South Africa. It was brought into sharp focus last week when a...

The EFF’s call to sack Trollip as mayor is racist and anti-democratic

Last week, after the Democratic Alliance in Parliament chose not to vote in support of changing the Constitution for the controversial expropriation of land...

Land ownership and Catholic Social Teaching

Since Tuesday afternoon South Africans has been talking about Parliament's adoption of a motion to change the country's Constitution so that the government can...

Catholic Social Teaching’s judgement on Ramaphosa

A number of people have anaylsed and responded to President Cyril Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address. Fr Peter-John Pearson reflects on the speech in the light of Catholic Social Teaching. He explains why he thinks that Ramphosa's address does echo poignant issues outlined in Catholic Social Teaching. 

Dear Cyril, we’re gasping for air

South Africans are waiting for clarity from Cyril Ramaphosa on the future of Jacob Zuma, but with every meeting called and statement issued without definitive information, the country's faith in the ANC's new leadership takes a substantial knock. Mphuthumi Ntabeni writes a second letter to the new ANC president urging him to act swiftly or risk losing everything.

Has the ANC entered a season of ‘creative destruction’?

After the political turmoil of the last few days, including the seeming inability of the ANC to be decisive with President Jacob Zuma, and the postponement of the country's 2018 'State of the Nation Address', Mphuthumi Ntabeni ponders the thesis of Frantz Fanon and asks: has the ANC entered into a season of "creative destruction"?

Dear Cyril

With the rise of Cyril Ramaphosa to the presidency of the ANC, we have seen the rise of hope, potential investment, and the Rand. Will the new party leader make good on his promises and can he do what desperately needs to be done? Can he rid government of corruption? Mphuthumi Ntabeni writes Ramaphosa a letter in which he reflects on the leader's political journey and encourages him to act swifty and decisively. 

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Ethics for educators in a time of disaster

On 23 July, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that schools would close for a second time this year. The reasons given is that...

Natural evil and God: from Voltaire’s “Candide” to Camus’ “The Plague”

Every age has its cataclysm and every generation asks how a loving God can permit suffering. The COVID-19 pandemic has so far...

Cut the government some slack

There is a growing weariness and frustration among South Africans as the COVID-19 pandemic and the government's response enter a fifth month....

Tribute to Andrew Mlangeni: champion against corruption

On 21 July 2020, the last remaining Rivonia trialist Andrew Mokete Mlangeni, who jailed with Nelson Mandela during the anti-apartheid struggle, died...