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REVIEW — Living with the Gods

by (~8 min read)

In ‘Living with the Gods’, Neil MacGregor says that a set of shared beliefs and assumptions (faith, ideology, religion, etc) are at the centre of human existence and progress. Mphuthumi Ntabeni was enthralled by MacGregor’s idea that no organised society, in t... More »

REVIEW | No Longer At Ease

by (~5 min read)

In 2018 we mark the diamond jubilee of the the 1958 novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. This novel was read widely in South Africa as a school set-work. Mphuthumi Ntabeni takes a look at another of Achebe's works, No Longer At Ease. He says that thi... More »

REVIEW — The Land is Ours

by (~5 min read)

This is an excruciating book of loss of crucial black talent that describes how all-encompassing the colonial and apartheid systems were in destroying all manner of black lives. A historical journey through the history of the country's first black lawyers and ... More »

REVIEW — Khwezi

by (~5 min read)

In his latest review, Mphuthumi Ntabeni looks at the story of Fezekile Kuzwayo, known as Khwezi, as written by broadcast journalist Redi Tlhabi. A victim of sexual abuse and politically motivated slander, Khwezi's is a tragic tale that resulted in her fleeing ... More »

REVIEW — Always Another Country

by (~3 min read)

This book is racy and Afro funky; cosmopolitan and pan Africanist; intersectional and intimate. It depicts a young life that had to grow up very quickly under fast changing circumstances, and forever changing landscapes, cultures, politics and religion. Mphuth... More »

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