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Enacting hope during COVID-19 pandemic

by (~6 min read)

Times of great crisis often produce great despair. We cannot see beyond the uncertainty and confusion of the present. Many people are feeling this way while sitting at home waiting to find out if we are doing enough to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 infection... More »

Rediscovering church

by (~5 min read)

Michaela van Nierop relates how growing up in a Catholic home and attending a Protestant school left her frustrated because the two religious traditions share the same foundation but rarely seemed to find common ground. This experience left her unreceptive to ... More »

My scars say I’m still alive

by (~3 min read)

A minor accident over the New Year period made Michaela van Nierop think about how internal scars are far more difficult to speak about and overcome than the ones we bear on the outside. Despite this, she explains that the internal and external marks shape who... More »

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