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The scam of populism — and why we fall for it

by (~7 min read)

It is popular to hear it said that ‘populism is popular’. Is it really? While it may be popular in that it has caught on and seems to be driving powerful, political global agendas, it is far from popular in a far more important sense: its import for us all. Je... More »

About to die — The Cliff Edge

by (~6 min read)

The mere mention of death startles most, leaving us uneasy. Imagine what it must be like for those who have to face death almost every day — and not only death but also those left in death’s wake. Shrikant Peters is a medical doctor. For him there is no escapi... More »

Root out rot from our institutions

by (~5 min read)

Corruption seems to have an unbridled hold on our institutions and it is time we welcome any and all attempts to expose situations and people that have allowed it to fester. Mputhumi Nthabeni welcomes calls to investigate and reform institutions that have gone... More »

Winnie Mandela — an issue for Christians?

by (~4 min read)

From the time of Winnie Mandela’s death earlier this year, we have been flooded with writings on the life of this complex South African figurehead. Many suggest that her importance and the key roles she played during apartheid were only overshadowed by her her... More »

A refugee woman’s pursuit of happiness

by (~6 min read)

Women bear more than their fair share of the burdens left by the violent conflicts existing across Africa. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya recently visited a women’s shelter run by religious sisters near the Zimbabwe-South Africa border. There, he spoke to women trying... More »

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