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Why not registering to vote is bad for democracy

by (~7 min read)

Many South Africans have decided not to register to vote in the upcoming national elections. Anthony Egan SJ begs us to reconsider our decision to register — while we still can — and honour “the memory of those who suffered and sometimes died for what we have ... More »

Education in South Africa — a persisting divide

by (~5 min read)

For South African parents the new school year, inevitably, brings a hike in school fees, that will place even more strain on their already limited finances and increase the inequality gap. Paulina French looks at school fees, 2018 Matric results and the Presid... More »

Magi and Migrants

by (~3 min read)

Had Jesus been born today would the magi have been able to visit him before the Holy Family had to make its escape? Indeed, would the family have escaped into Egypt so easily? Based on what Anthony Egan SJ sees in the world around him, he doesn’t think so. Pic... More »

SABC — staggering but still upright

by (~5 min read)

Christmas is a time to breathe out, take stock and reconsider. This year, this is also true for the public broadcaster and all those who care about it. Justine Limpitlaw, the Chair of the SOS Support Public Broadcasting Coalition’s legal sub-committee, outline... More »

‘Tis the season… but not jolly

by (~4 min read)

The ’16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children’ would have far greater impact if we also paid attention to some of the issues that trigger violent behaviour. Violence committed against children and women during this season escalates. We se... More »

Jesus was a feminist

by (~3 min read)

The campaign for the “16 Days of Activism for no violence against women and children,” run annually at this time by the South African government, was launched on 25 November 2018 in Kwazulu-Natal. Francis Tuson looks at Jesus’ attitudes towards women in the Sc... More »

The grace in disillusionment

by (~5 min read)

Disillusionment is a prevailing sentiment these days, be it in some ordained men or the politicians of our world. Chris Chatteris SJ, argues that it’s also an opportune moment because the gloom and disappointment it brings also “throws us back on God”. If disi... More »

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