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How about a “wealth line”?

by (~6 min read)

As world leaders gather in New York for the 74th United Nations General Assembly, the world’s poorest nations will look for a greater share of the world’s wealth. Chris Chatteris SJ notes how the poverty line is often used as a measure of morally unacceptable ... More »

Time to edit St. Paul?

by (~5 min read)

St. Paul’s writings about women’s role in the home and the Church have been the subject of scrutiny and criticism by modern readers. Mike Pothier describes the experience of proclaiming a particularly difficult text. He contemplates how we are to interpret suc... More »

Women remain unheard

by (~4 min read)

After a week that saw multiple violent crimes against women, Paulina French asks what the men in our churches are doing to change patriarchal ways of thinking and acting. She commends Bishop Phalana of Klerksdorp for starting a conversation about overcoming ge... More »

The Challenge of Idolatry for LGBTI Ministry

by (~13 min read)

Fr Bryan Massingale is a well-known advocate for justice. In July, he took part in a panel discussion in Chicago entitled 'The Theological Mandate for LGBTI Justice Work'. He says that the "resurrection is about what God can bring forth out of tragedy, failure... More »

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