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Dear Cyril, we’re gasping for air

by (~3 min read)

South Africans are waiting for clarity from Cyril Ramaphosa on the future of Jacob Zuma, but with every meeting called and statement issued without definitive information, the country's faith in the ANC's new leadership takes a substantial knock. Mphuthumi Nta... More »

Transport in SA: Going nowhere fast

by (~5 min read)

There is little dignity for those at the mercy of poor rail services in South Africa. Affected by crime, lack of safety, endless delays and broken promises, the failing transportation system disproportionately affects the poor. Peter John Moses reflects on the... More »

Dear Cyril

by (~8 min read)

With the rise of Cyril Ramaphosa to the presidency of the ANC, we have seen the rise of hope, potential investment, and the Rand. Will the new party leader make good on his promises and can he do what desperately needs to be done? Can he rid government of corr... More »

A new academic year of hope and worry

by (~5 min read)

The journey from Grades 1 to 12 is fraught with equal measure of hope and concern. Parents hope for a quality education that will lead to a better life, but there is also concern for the quality of education and whether our politicians, planners and teachers a... More »

Femme fatale – women in gangs

by (~5 min read)

Conversations around gangsterism in South Africa tend to position women exclusively as victims. Danielle Hoffmeester takes a closer look at women in gangs and asks whether their role is limited, or whether female gang members could hold the key to dismantling ... More »

No place for young men

by (~8 min read)

Cape Flats are reminiscent of the calls from the 1990s that gave birth to community vigilantism at the time and resulted in the area becoming a war zone. While the vigilantism has all but disappeared, the gangs live on and the number of victims continues to ri... More »

A Matric is still worth celebrating

by (~5 min read)

While the quality of education, the standards to which our learners and teachers are held, and the lack of clear direction from the Department of Education are all massively problematic for education in South Africa, there are still many stories of educational... More »

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