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Land ownership and Catholic Social Teaching

by (~5 min read)

Since Tuesday afternoon South Africans has been talking about Parliament's adoption of a motion to change the country's Constitution so that the government can expropriate land without compensation. Mphuthumi Ntabeni takes a look at the complexities ... More »

A holding cabinet

by (~3 min read)

After our post-Zuma euphoria, it was inevitable that a measure of realpolitik would intrude at some stage. Last night’s cabinet reshuffle might well have been such a moment, and probably the first of many, writes the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office's (CP... More »

Time for national introspection

by (~5 min read)

South Africans are partly to blame for the Zuma-sized mess our country is in. By not using our vote, by not demanding change, and by being gullible time and time again, we have allowed our politics to be corrupted. And without national introspection, says Mphu... More »

Dear Cyril, we’re gasping for air

by (~3 min read)

South Africans are waiting for clarity from Cyril Ramaphosa on the future of Jacob Zuma, but with every meeting called and statement issued without definitive information, the country's faith in the ANC's new leadership takes a substantial knock. Mphuthumi Nta... More »

Transport in SA: Going nowhere fast

by (~5 min read)

There is little dignity for those at the mercy of poor rail services in South Africa. Affected by crime, lack of safety, endless delays and broken promises, the failing transportation system disproportionately affects the poor. Peter John Moses reflects on the... More »

Dear Cyril

by (~8 min read)

With the rise of Cyril Ramaphosa to the presidency of the ANC, we have seen the rise of hope, potential investment, and the Rand. Will the new party leader make good on his promises and can he do what desperately needs to be done? Can he rid government of corr... More »

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