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COVID-19 and the original sin of South Africa

by (~4 min read)

Although the South African government implemented very strict lockdown measures, the number of new COVID-19 cases during this period have increased exponentially. Irrespective of the criticism or praise the government has received for its actions, Shrikant Pet... More »

Redistribution or Revolution?

by (~7 min read)

Beyond the devastating effect of COVID-19 on human life and livelihoods, there is a desire for something better to emerge from this crisis. For some, like Chris Chatteris, it is a more equitable society. He argues that this is only possible by means of redistr... More »

Anger lives next-door to fear

by (~6 min read)

As South Africa enters the second phase of its efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, Sarah-Leah Pimentel reflects on the changing mood in the country. Optimism has given way to fear, which is manifesting in negative emotions. She offers some strategies that ... More »

Harden not your hearts: Opening up to new life

by (~5 min read)

Globally, people from all walks of life have found themselves confronted with new realities that involve self-isolating from friends, family, colleagues and restricting most activities to the home. While COVID-19 continues to spread panic and misery around the... More »

The balancing act

by (~4 min read)

South Africans were relieved to hear that from 1 May the lockdown measures will be eased gradually. Margaret Blackie explains that the health of the economy and the health of its citizens are not mutually exclusive. Both priorities need to coexist in an intric... More »

The man inside Donald Trump

by (~7 min read)

Sentiment around US President Donald Trump is very clear-cut. To his supporters, he can do no wrong. His detractors condemn or ridicule everything he says and does. With Donald Trump, there appears to be no middle ground. Günther Simmermacher attempts a look i... More »

Can God protect us from COVID-19?

by (~4 min read)

Many Christians have criticized the decision by governments around the world to ban public gatherings, including church worship. Margaret Blackie says that at the heart of these statements is an expectation God will protect the faithful from disease even if th... More »

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