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Sexual offences: Lessons learnt and the creation of safe spaces

It is our combined responsibility – as institutions and organisations – to ensure public spaces are equipped to deal with and prevent the devastatingly high number of sexual offenses that are currently plaguing our society. Lawrence Ndlovu looks at the lessons the Church has learnt.

Bishops call for anti-corruption court

The SACBC Justice and Peace Commission has called for the creation of a specialised court - one that will deal exclusively with corruption in South Africa.

Magnum Principium: oneness not sameness

Pope Francis has shifted the bulk of the power in matters pertaining to translations from the Vatican to bishop’s conferences. Lawrence Ndlovu looks at what this means for the local Church.

Christian leaders invoke Martin Luther King Jr against violence, racism

After recent violent protests and the deadliest mass shooting recorded in U.S. history on Sunday, Christian leaders invoked Martin Luther King, Jr. as they condemned racism and violence. Matt Hadro reports.

Pope mourns victims of ‘senseless’ Las Vegas shooting

Pope Francis has offered his condolences and spiritual support to victims of a deadly shooting in Las Vegas that left at least 50 people dead and hundreds more wounded when a gunman opened fire at a country music festival.

First-time congress leads global conversation on digital child abuse

A global congress to be held in Rome will focus on how to protect children in the digital age, bringing together various experts from around the world to develop concrete ways to combat the issue of online child sex abuse.

Rise in immigration makes us missionaries at home, Pope Francis says

The mass arrival of migrants and refugees may have its challenges, but also gives us the opportunity to be missionaries – even without leaving home.

Pope Francis becomes proactive on the liturgy

In recent weeks, Pope Francis has rocked the liturgical world several times, most notably with a motu propio - changing the Church’s canon law with regard to the procedure for approving liturgical translations in the modern languages.

Are political blessings appropriate?

With the factions in the ANC growing ever clearer and campaigning on the rise, Fr Lawrence Ndlovu looks at the Church's role and whether political blessings are appropriate.

Dare to think

In a world where we're constantly sold the fastest, easiest and flashiest options, it's no wonder that we're often distracted from the truth. Anthony Egan SJ challenges us to think critically, or, at the very least, to simply think!

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