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Paddy Kearney — a good and faithful servant

by (~7 min read)

Douglas Irvine remembers his friend, the much respected and loved social justice activist, champion of the poor and faithful Christian, Paddy Kearney, who died unexpectedly last Friday, 23 November 2018 in his home city of Durban.  Paddy Kearney died quite une... More »

‘Daddy!’, he cried

by (~3 min read)

A story told by a co-presenter at a recent workshop that Ricardo da Silva SJ was involved with impacted him greatly. It triggered an experience he had had in a conversation with a group of young people. He reflects on the stories he heard and how they spoke to... More »

Being gay — a crime?

by (~6 min read)

Did you know there are countries in our world where it is a crime to be gay? A Tanzanian governor has declared war on gay people, setting up a special operations team in his police force to track down gays and jail them for life, for being who they are. Fikile... More »

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