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Notre-Dame weeps

by (~5 min read)

The cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris burned last night, as much of it was devastated by an aggressive fire tearing through its heart. Grant Tungay SJ, studies theology in Paris and frequently worshipped at the Paris cathedral. He shares wi th us the moment he... More »

CWD closure — an insider’s story

by (~7 min read)

The shattering collapse and closure of Catholic Welfare and Development (CWD) late last year may have come as a shock to some. But, it wasn’t much of a surprise to those more familiar with CWD’s recent history, writes Graham Wilson. He is the financial adminis... More »

Tax Justice Conference ‘Dividends’

by (~3 min read)

Those at the coal-face, those sitting in influential boardrooms and those who teach in prestigious lecture halls, came together to discuss the complexities of international tax justice and its link to poverty at an international conference held in Nairobi. Ant... More »

Cardinal Newman: a saint?

by (~5 min read)

Pope Francis has attributed a second miracle to the intercession of Cardinal Henry Newman. This means that he can now, officially, be declared a saint of the Church. Nick King, a British Jesuit priest and biblical scholar, who ministered in South Africa for ma... More »

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