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Overcoming whiteness in religious art

by (~6 min read)

Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya observes that religious art in his parish and many African parishes depict religious figures as white, while black people are depicted as those in need of saving. He posits that religious art in the African Church still needs to be liber... More »

Celibacy rumblings in Rome

by (~5 min read)

A new book, reportedly co-authored by Joseph Ratzinger and Cardinal Robert Sarah, cautions against calls to re-examine the law of priestly celibacy. Anthony Egan SJ explores what may be behind the timing of the book and the larger issues at play in a Church th... More »

Amidst shutdown CWD ensures creche opens

by (~3 min read)

Catholic Welfare and Development (CWD) was forced to shut down late last year. Mismanagement had brought this life-giving welfare wing of the Catholic Church to collapse. This was a huge blow to many poor people across the Cape Flats. reported... More »

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