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How much credit should we give credentials?

by (~5 min read)

ANC branches will send their delegates to the elective conference with a mandate to vote in a particular manner, however the most crucial decisions are made in late night meetings. Mphuthumi Ntabeni argues that the actual voting, most of the time, is nothing m... More »

ANC Conference: The Lobbyists

by (~3 min read)

Spotlight Africa will be providing commentary during the ANC elective conference providing updates and analysis before, during and after the event. In the first part of this series, Mphuthumi Ntabeni takes a look at the lobbyists of the two campaigns - NDZ17 (... More »

Talking about a revolution

by (~8 min read)

As the ANC election nears, Mphuthumi Ntabeni takes a closer look at the two campaigns and considers which would better serve South Africa and would most likely lessen the impact of the economic depression the country is fast headed towards. More »

Why sexual abuse is always about power

by (~5 min read)

Girls grow up believing that sexual harassment is part of the lexicon of manhood and they are destined to be its target. And although it makes us desperately uncomfortable and we innately know we have been abused in some way, girls need to be given the words a... More »

Sex and sensibility

by (~6 min read)

All South Africans must have access to basic human rights including sex workers - who are often the most marginalised in our society. Danielle Hoffmester considers the arguments for criminalising, legalising and decriminalising sex work in South Africa. More »

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