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Cardinal Burke's theological can of worms

by (~10 min read)

Cardinal Raymond Burke’s remarks at a recent conference in Rome, Anthony Egan says, open up the ongoing tensions in the Church over teaching authority, the primacy of the papacy and ultimately our understanding of truth. Burke made headlines when he claimed th... More »

Ignorance, indifference and fear fuel racism

by (~4 min read)

Racism, in various forms, regularly raises its ugly head in South Africa. However, racism is a global phenomenon. The Catholic bishops in South Africa have, for Lent, asked the Church to reflect on racism. Professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham ... More »

Land – Where To Now? The issues at hand*

by (~6 min read)

The question of land expropriation without compensation continues to evoke debate in South Africa. It was brought into sharp focus last week when a sitting of Parliament voted in favour of this motion. Mphuthumi Ntabeni continues to think through this national... More »

A need for democratic capitalism

by (~7 min read)

When Zuma came into office, we had a budget surplus of R20 billion. He left us with a budget deficit of R50 billion and debt of R2,3 trillion. The national budget announced by Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba suggests it will take three years to get us back to w... More »

Budget 2018: From a new dawn to an old dusk

by (~5 min read)

South Africa was gripped by a renewed sense of national pride after the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as the country's new president. The 2018 Budget Speech, however, has brought many South Africans back to earth. Russell Pollitt takes a first glance at the budg... More »

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