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In the line of fire

by (~5 min read)

Whether as victims of crime or fires, the poor are always sidelined and find themselves on the back foot and at the mercy of a government that systematically fails them. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya calls for advocacy in defense of the poor which requires that we ha... More »

Soweto — a loota continua

by (~5 min read)

“It is the men and women in our church pews who are either burning down businesses owned by foreigners or who are made to consume fake and expired foods sold by foreigners.”  This is the message delivered by Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya as he investigates the latest... More »

Calling a #MeToo moment for African Sisters

by (~6 min read)

The repugnant revelations of the abuse of minors in the Church have led many to point the finger at what they suggest is a homosexual subculture among priests. The suggestion then is that gay clergy are exclusively to blame for the recent horrors. But, if this... More »

On homophobia and sexism

by (~4 min read)

Why it is that we pick and choose the standards by which we deem one a bigot or not asks Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya? We are, rightly, prepared to call someone a bigot if they make racist remarks or gestures – as we did with Adam Catsavelos and Vicki Momberg – but ... More »

Why public hearings on land must continue

by (~7 min read)

Much undue criticism has come from the parliamentary process of holding public assemblies across the country giving diverging South African constituencies the opportunity to hear and to speak on the issue of land expropriation without compensation. Mphuthumi N... More »

Land Expropriation — the moral dilemma

by (~3 min read)

Jesuit priest, moral theologian and ethicist, Anthony Egan assesses the public debate taking place around Land Expropriation from a moral and ethical standpoint and in the light of principles enshrined within Catholic Social Thought. He warns against doing wha... More »

I wish we did not celebrate Women’s Day

by (~5 min read)

The celebration of Women’s Day hides a deeper perpetual wrong that is committed against half the population. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya suggests that a change in the name of the holiday could achieve more for women than the celebration of Women's Day does cur... More »

The Church should help heal Zimbabwe

by (~5 min read)

In the aftermath of Zimbabwe’s elections, in which six persons died, a leading educationist, Jesuit Fr Joe Arimoso says to Vatican News that it is now left to the Church to pick up the pieces. After the “soft coup” which saw the stepping down of Zimbabwe’s for... More »

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