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The global “over-summiting” of Africa

by (~6 min read)

Africa appears to have captured the interests of the world’s key political and economic powers. Anthony Aduaka SJ observes that a spate of recent summits that bring African leaders together with political heavyweights, seemingly, to foster deeper multilateral ... More »

Racism, they say, is dead

by (~5 min read)

Associated Press (AP) recently cropped Ugandan climate change activist, Vanessa Nakate, from a group photograph in which she appears with her peers at the World Economic Forum. Anthony Adauka SJ points out that incidents like this are not new, and are indicati... More »

When love ends badly

by (~6 min read)

A spate of reporting in Kenya on crimes of passion causes Anthony Aduaka to reflect on the reasons why the principles of love have become so distorted. He calls for a restoral of values and the importance of healthy relationships in the family. He adds that th... More »

Not playing nicely…

by (~6 min read)

The decision by the Zambian Football Association to refuse to play an international friendly against South Africa in protest of the xenophobic attacks, reminds us that sometimes sport can be a useful weapon of international diplomacy and punishment. With so ma... More »

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