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The Church should help heal Zimbabwe

by (~5 min read)

In the aftermath of Zimbabwe’s elections, in which six persons died, a leading educationist, Jesuit Fr Joe Arimoso says to Vatican News that it is now left to the Church to pick up the pieces. After the “soft coup” which saw the stepping down of Zimbabwe’s for... More »

The cave, the monk and spirituality

by (~5 min read)

We were taken in a whirlwind of emotions when we saw 12 teenage boys, members of a Thai soccer team, and their coach trapped in a cave for two weeks. When out on an excursion, the team explored a cave, which, in a freak turn of events, flooded and left them tr... More »

What to say of the crisis in the Church?

by (~7 min read)

The sexual abuse crisis that has in recent months come to light in the Chilean Church has left many questioning. Earlier this week the New York Times exposed how popular former archbishop of Washington DC, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, preyed on young men who w... More »

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