Michaela van Nierop

Show BioHide BioMichaela is currently a student at the University of Stellenbosch studying for a BCom in Economics and Investment Management. She grew up in Johannesburg in a Catholic family. Her passion is helping people who are struggling with mental health problems or those who are having emotional difficulties.

3 posts

My identity is more than a label

by (~4 min read)

Michaela van Nierop writes about being diagnosed with depression and surprisingly, attention deficit disorder (ADD). As she comes to term with her conditions and what she needs to do to manage them, she explains that her identity is more than her labels, but t... More »

My journey from rape to healing

by (~5 min read)

Michaela van Nierop describes her harrowing experience of rape as a first-year university student after her drink was spiked in a night club. She speaks about the impact that the incident has had on her life, but also demonstrates her appreciation of family an... More »

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