Kyoko Morgan

Show BioHide BioWebsiteBorn in Tokyo, Kyoko Morgan was inspired to move to South Africa after time spent in the UK. She became a UNISA student and worked for a small Japanese NGO before finding her true calling in teaching origami to disadvantaged children. She founded Origami For Africa in 2009 for promoting and teaching origami in Africa. Based in Clovelly, she regularly teaches origami to children in Wesbank and Khayelitsha, which has been found to be beneficial especially for early childhood development. She occasionally gives workshops and talks on origami. Her passion is working together with other people towards the vision of a better world by transforming our own lives.

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Two sides to every story

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Kyoko Morgan reflects on her Japanese history and her family’s stories of World War II. She considers that Japan was both the victim and perpetrator of terrible atrocities, but as is so often the case, history is told from a one-sided perspective. As South Afr... More »

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