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Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya

Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya is an independent journalist and former editor of The Mercury, The Witness and Sowetan and a senior journalist at many other mainstream South African newspapers.

Human Rights day demands we address daily discrimination

South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day on 21 March.  It is also the day declared by the UN as International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya makes us aware of two forms of discrimination, so commonplace to our society that we seem not to see the everyday injustice in them.

The EFF’s call to sack Trollip as mayor is racist and anti-democratic

Last week, after the Democratic Alliance in Parliament chose not to vote in support of changing the Constitution for the controversial expropriation of land...

The death penalty should always be condemned

The Church is clear in its stance on the death penalty: it is inhumane and should always be condemned. In light of Botswana executing a man last week, Fikile Moya reminds the local Church and faithful to never tire of reminding governments of the sanctity of all life.

We need more than a leadership change

As the country's leadership transitions, so too must the economic modalities under which South Africa has operated. Much like the country cannot continue under Jacob Zuma, its economy cannot continue to ignore the majority of its stakeholders. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya argues a change is essential for the country's economic and political stability. 

How should we approach art that offends us?

By its nature, art seeks to provoke deep feelings. While we may dislike and ignore pieces we don't agree with, art that seeks to target religion and core belief systems is far harder to discern. This is certainly true of John Trengove's Oscar nominated Inxeba: The Wound. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya considers the film which has attracted backlash and boycotts and is being promoted as a “taboo-breaking South African feature”. In the face of potential offensive material, he reminds us that our faith should never depend on whether outsiders - including art - endorse or ridicule our beliefs.

Cape Town water crisis: an opportunity for a revived Church

As the spectre of Cape Town approaching the dreaded Day Zero looms increasingly large, it is also emerging that at stake is more than the availability of water. Day Zero is asking tough questions about our social pact. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya says this is the time for the Church to teach. 

Bishops discuss draft new pastoral plan

How will the Catholic Church in Southern Africa best respond to the challenges of the times? At their January plenary the bishops have been considering this question as they deliberate on the much awaited new pastoral plan entitled 'Serving God, Humanity and Creation'.

Mangope is no hero

In reflecting on the life of Lucas Mangope, some hard facts seem to have been forgotten. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya argues that a celebration of the late leader's bricks and mortar achievements belongs in the same category as praising colonialism because it brought heathen natives civilisation and Jesus. It is offensive to those who lived under his oppressive regime.

Criticise Archbishop Makgoba, but you might be wrong

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba's Christmas sermon, in which he called for the hasty removal of President Jacob Zuma and a targeted cabinet reshuffle, has attracted a lot of attention. Some say that men of the cloth should stick to preaching and stay out of politics. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya argues that this is absurd. What Makgoba did, he argues, has been and is the business of the church - for thousands of years.

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