Danielle Hoffmeester

Show BioHide BioDanielle Hoffmeester is a Masters candidate in Political Studies at the University of the Western Cape. Until two years ago, her focus centred on issues of security and democracy, in particular how the use and/or threat of weapons of warfare impact on the stability of established and fledgling democracies. Since, her focus has shifted to political violence and gender studies. She currently acts as the Project Assistant for Gender Justice and Reconciliation at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a proud feminist, and dreams of a global society in which feminist ideals of justice, freedom and equality is realised.

14 posts

Get the picture, tell the story

by and (~5 min read)

We rely more and more on pictures to tell the story. A text is often seen as superfluous and too heady. You’re also unlikely to get anyone to read anything you write unless it is accompanied by a pretty picture. Think about it, what got you to click on this ar... More »

The fluidity of Colouredness

by (~4 min read)

The architects of apartheid classified people and segregated them to try an assert their supremacist attitudes. Their policies divided people and created animosity between the groups they classified. Danielle Hoffmeester looks at how the so-called 'Colour... More »

Femme fatale – women in gangs

by (~5 min read)

Conversations around gangsterism in South Africa tend to position women exclusively as victims. Danielle Hoffmeester takes a closer look at women in gangs and asks whether their role is limited, or whether female gang members could hold the key to dismantling ... More »

Why I roll my eyes at 16 Days of Activism

by (~5 min read)

16 Days of Activism is insufficient and deeply problematic. It fails to change attitudes, to change practices and to address root causes of this societal scourge. Danielle Hoffmeester writes why she believes the campaign is nothing more than a poor political c... More »

How our society is grooming gangsters

by (~6 min read)

In a society that lacks opportunity for the majority of South African youth, does the idealisation of the flashy gangster and prosperous thug life inspire young boys and men to adopt the attitudes and actions that will too, in their mind, help them overcome ad... More »

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