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Show BioHide BioChris Chatteris is a Jesuit priest who is the handyman at the Seminary in Cape Town, combining the tradition of the ‘worker priest’ with teaching and spiritual direction of seminarians. On the handyman side his current project is to ‘green’ the seminary and he has installed such things as heat pumps, rain tanks and recycling systems. He does some writing, last year authoring a book entitled Vocations and what to do with them, a handbook for vocations directors. He also writes a monthly column for the Southern Cross reflecting on the Pope’s intentions, plus occasional other articles elsewhere. Chris was born in Zambia and went to Jesuit schools in both Zimbabwe and Britain and, having been unable to beat them, joined them in 1968. He studied philosophy, theology, French and education, and spent a very formative time in France, part of which was at the L’Arche Community of Jean Vanier fame. Chris has taught in French and British schools and worked in British and South African parishes, including a mission in KZN at the time of the transition from apartheid to normality. He has also worked as the novice director of Jesuits, in the theological formation of young religious at St Joseph’s Theological Institute, Cedara and, briefly, at the Jesuit Institute.

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How about a “wealth line”?

by (~6 min read)

As world leaders gather in New York for the 74th United Nations General Assembly, the world’s poorest nations will look for a greater share of the world’s wealth. Chris Chatteris SJ notes how the poverty line is often used as a measure of morally unacceptable ... More »

Can we ‘meat’ halfway?

by (~5 min read)

With the rise of “meatless meat”, Chris Chatteris SJ considers the moral and social implications of substituting meat for something that tastes, smells and looks like the “real thing”. So-called ‘meatless meat’ is coming to a butchery and a fast-food outlet ne... More »

The new asceticism

by (~5 min read)

Ancient ascetic ideas seem to be making a resurgence but, as Chris Chatteris reflects on an article recently published by a French sociologist of religion, it seems that it now has more secular than religious appeal. More »

Extinction is an Option

by (~5 min read)

The high incidence of natural disasters, like the cyclones which have wreaked devastation in Mozambique, should heighten our and especially our politicians’ concern for our planet and for implementing policies to curb climate change. Yet, just days before elec... More »

The grace in disillusionment

by (~5 min read)

Disillusionment is a prevailing sentiment these days, be it in some ordained men or the politicians of our world. Chris Chatteris SJ, argues that it’s also an opportune moment because the gloom and disappointment it brings also “throws us back on God”. If disi... More »

Can politics save us?

by (~4 min read)

Environmental advocacy and concern, like promises made by politicians ahead of elections, seems to amount to nothing: little if any concrete actions result.  Chris Chatteris SJ questions how long governments and their citizens, and especially people of faith w... More »

Catholic system of power: rule by priests

by (~6 min read)

The growing state of crisis in our Church leads Fr Chris Chatteris, a Jesuit priest who has held many positions of leadership in the Order, to critique the Catholic ways of power. He chastises religious superiors, bishops, formators and mentors who have allowe... More »

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