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Show BioHide BioAnthony Egan is a Jesuit priest who works at the Jesuit Institute South Africa. He teaches at Steve Biko Ethics Centre Faculty of Health Sciences at WITS University. He also teaches in the Ubuntu Programme for Fordham University at the University of Pretoria. He writes for various journals and publications and regularly offers analysis and comment on politics and the Catholic Church.

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Cardinal Burke’s theological can of worms

by (~10 min read)

Cardinal Raymond Burke’s remarks at a recent conference in Rome, Anthony Egan says, open up the ongoing tensions in the Church over teaching authority, the primacy of the papacy and ultimately our understanding of truth. Burke made headlines when he claimed th... More »

SONA 2018: An ethicist’s perspective

by (~8 min read)

While offering no quick fix solutions, Cyril Ramaphosa's SONA speech was nothing less than a call to renewed cooperation for the common good, says Anthony Egan SJ. He analyses the president's maiden address from a position of Catholic Social Teaching and looks... More »

Uncovering state capture

by (~7 min read)

The details of the rise of Jacob Zuma and the related incidences of widespread corruption, and ultimate state capture fill the pages of two South African books, which Anthony Egan believes are both equally essential reading for any South African who wants to s... More »

Dare to think

by (~2 min read)

In a world where we're constantly sold the fastest, easiest and flashiest options, it's no wonder that we're often distracted from the truth. Anthony Egan SJ challenges us to think critically, or, at the very least, to simply think! More »

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