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Show BioHide BioAnthony Egan is a Jesuit priest who works at the Jesuit Institute South Africa. He teaches at Steve Biko Ethics Centre Faculty of Health Sciences at WITS University. He also teaches in the Ubuntu Programme for Fordham University at the University of Pretoria. He writes for various journals and publications and regularly offers analysis and comment on politics and the Catholic Church.

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Celibacy rumblings in Rome

by (~5 min read)

A new book, reportedly co-authored by Joseph Ratzinger and Cardinal Robert Sarah, cautions against calls to re-examine the law of priestly celibacy. Anthony Egan SJ explores what may be behind the timing of the book and the larger issues at play in a Church th... More »

“Song of Songs” and the crisis of celibacy

by (~14 min read)

Anthony Egan SJ recently gave a series of lectures on Old Testament literature and became intrigued by the sexualised language of Song of Songs. Reading it more closely, he posits that this text provides an appropriate and timely reflection on celibacy as a re... More »

Tax Justice Conference ‘Dividends’

by (~3 min read)

Those at the coal-face, those sitting in influential boardrooms and those who teach in prestigious lecture halls, came together to discuss the complexities of international tax justice and its link to poverty at an international conference held in Nairobi. Ant... More »

The ethics of tax justice

by (~6 min read)

On day two of the conference on Tax Justice, Domestic Resource Mobilization and Stemming Illicit Financial Flows in Nairobi, Kenya, the focus turned to ethics. Anthony Egan SJ, reports. More »

Why not registering to vote is bad for democracy

by (~7 min read)

Many South Africans have decided not to register to vote in the upcoming national elections. Anthony Egan SJ begs us to reconsider our decision to register — while we still can — and honour “the memory of those who suffered and sometimes died for what we have ... More »

Magi and Migrants

by (~3 min read)

Had Jesus been born today would the magi have been able to visit him before the Holy Family had to make its escape? Indeed, would the family have escaped into Egypt so easily? Based on what Anthony Egan SJ sees in the world around him, he doesn’t think so. Pic... More »

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