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Show BioHide BioA freethinker with an independent mind, Anthony is a Jesuit Scholastic from Nigeria who is currently studying theology at Hekima University College in Nairobi, Kenya. Prior to joining the Jesuits, he studied Computer Science and Mathematics and has since completed a degree in Philosophy at Arrupe Jesuit University in Harare, Zimbabwe. Anthony has an interest in reinterpreting the African culture and tradition, history, politics and gender related issues from a perspective that is more humanistic rather than reactionary. He enjoys conversation around these topics.

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The global “over-summiting” of Africa

by (~6 min read)

Africa appears to have captured the interests of the world’s key political and economic powers. Anthony Aduaka SJ observes that a spate of recent summits that bring African leaders together with political heavyweights, seemingly, to foster deeper multilateral ... More »

A Dialogue with Querida Amazonia

by (~6 min read)

The Vatican released Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Querida Amazonia on 12 February, responding to the 2019 Synod on the pastoral challenges in the Amazon region. Over the next few weeks, spotlight.africa will publish several commentaries of the text. The... More »

Racism, they say, is dead

by (~5 min read)

Associated Press (AP) recently cropped Ugandan climate change activist, Vanessa Nakate, from a group photograph in which she appears with her peers at the World Economic Forum. Anthony Adauka SJ points out that incidents like this are not new, and are indicati... More »

The quest for freedom and its limits

by (~6 min read)

Our contemporary definition of freedom has become a self-serving pursuit. Anthony Aduaka SJ argues that this definition has gone astray and needs to be re-evaluated to include responsibility and an understanding of the role we have – and the role “freedom” has... More »

When love ends badly

by (~6 min read)

A spate of reporting in Kenya on crimes of passion causes Anthony Aduaka to reflect on the reasons why the principles of love have become so distorted. He calls for a restoral of values and the importance of healthy relationships in the family. He adds that th... More »

Xenophobia — a by-product of apartheid?

by (~5 min read)

Xenophobia is an ever-present problem in South Africa. It has resulted in several violent attacks on Africans looking to make a home on the continent's southernmost country. Anthony Aduaka, a Nigerian Jesuit and intern at the Jesuit Institute, suggests th... More »

Who is my neighbour, really?

by (~5 min read)

Anthony Aduaka unpacks what might be entailed in a tweet that Pope Francis sent in response to a question posed on Twitter by one of his nearly 100 million followers. What lasts, what has value in life and what treasures don’t disappear? This was the question ... More »

I re-dream Africa

by (~5 min read)

Anthony Aduaka, an intern at Spotlight Africa, reflects on the occasion of Africa Day last week and on his dreams for Africa. He believes that as a family of nations in Africa we ought to stop criticising one another and rather spend our time challenging one o... More »

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