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Webinar — COVID-19: Faith and the crisis of capitalism

An all-Catholic panel will host a webinar on 16 October, 2020 at the Jozi Book Fair. The panelists will discuss the response of faith communities to the various crises unfolding in South Africa. spotlight.africa reports.

The Jozi Book Fair is an annual event that seeks to foster a culture of reading and writing among poor and working class communities. The theme of 2020 edition of the Jozi Book Fair is, appropriately, “Literature in the Time of COVID-19.”

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the Jozi Book Fair to move its activities online. The Fair opened on 4 September and will run until 29 November. Among its many events is a free webinar entitled “COVID-19: Faith and the Crisis of Capitalism,” taking place on Friday, 16 October, 2020.

The speakers are Fr. Joy Sebastian, the provincial for the Salesians in Southern Africa; Fr. Sergio Lorenzini, a Chilean missionary priest working in South Africa; and Alex Bhiman, a Catholic social activist who is also a strategic advisor for the City of Johannesburg. The moderator will be Fr. Mokesh Morar, a priest working in the Diocese of Bethlehem.

The panel discussion will focus on two influential Catholic works: I believe in justice and hope by the recently deceased Brazilian Bishop Pedro Casalinga and Jesus before Christianity by Fr. Albert Nolan, a South African Dominican priest. The context for the webinar is the silence of the faith-based sector to the crises of poverty and unemployment, food insecurity, and poor service delivery. The panelists will discuss whether faith-based organizations are experiencing their own “crisis of faith.”

The Jozi Book Fair runs under the auspices of Khanya College, a Johannesburg-based NGO that prioritises education to address the challenges posed by economic and political globalisation.

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