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Finding peace during lockdown

by (~4 min read)

South Africa will wake up to a nationwide lockdown on 26 March and many other countries around the world are already facing similar restrictions to the individual freedom of movement. The ever increasing number of COVID-19 infections are also instilling fear a... More »

Querida Amazonia in Five Sentences

by (~13 min read)

Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, Querida Amazonia, generated a great deal of commentary immediately after its publication in February. Mike Pothier argues that it is necessary to read the text reflectively to find its treasures and assess its weaknesses. H... More »

Coronavirus, a sign of the times?

by (~5 min read)

The spread of the coronavirus was exacerbated by air travel. The virus itself crossed over from animals to humans because of the unsanitary conditions in which animals and human beings co-habited. Chris Chatteris says that the coronavirus serves as a warning t... More »

A far more serious disease than coronavirus

by (~5 min read)

The coronavirus has now spread to all continents and, in response, nations are issuing travel restrictions or placing entire cities on lockdown in an effort to contain the pandemic. Sarah-Leah Pimentel reflects on the positive reaction of governments but expre... More »

The influence of economics on health

by (~6 min read)

Many South Africans had hoped that the 2020 Budget Speech on 20 February would provide greater clarity on plans for the National Health Insurance (NHI) plan. However, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni mentioned the NHI only once, in passing. Shrikant Peters observ... More »

The global “over-summiting” of Africa

by (~6 min read)

Africa appears to have captured the interests of the world’s key political and economic powers. Anthony Aduaka SJ observes that a spate of recent summits that bring African leaders together with political heavyweights, seemingly, to foster deeper multilateral ... More »

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