Unseen Heroes — Love of Christ Children’s Home needs your help


The Love of Christ Ministries is a children’s home in Johannesburg that cares for vulnerable babies. They recently entered a competition to win a billboard that could bring them much-needed advertising. They are currently in second place, but need your help to win the competition.

Nestled in the agricultural area just south of Johannesburg is a little Children’s Home that has made a big impact in the lives of over 920 vulnerable babies and children since their founding in 1993, by devout catholic Thea Jarvis. The Love of Christ Children’s Home (or affectionately known as TLC) is a registered, family-run non-profit that cares for 35 orphaned or abandoned babies at any given time, while they seek to place them back into loving families as rapidly and responsibly as possible. 

At TLC they don’t just put food in bellies and clothes on backs, but they implement the latest in childcare research to lovingly care for these vulnerable children. Sadly, like many charities, over the past few years they have experienced severe financial struggles. In an attempt to gain much needed exposure and support for their home, on 14 November they entered into the Unseen Heroes competition run in partnership between and Sasfin in hopes of winning a prime Billboard worth R160,000. 

Much to their amazement, their campaign has gained huge momentum, to the point where they are currently ranked in second place, contending against many other well-established SME’s. There has been an incredible rally of support by their community of supporters and fellow charities in trying to push TLC up to first spot. The competition is tight and only ends at 16:00 on 3 December, so they need to do everything they can to maintain their position and move to first place. If you would like to cast your vote in support of this amazing organisation please do so at

Together we can make a significant impact to ensure that their work can continue.

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Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivsCreative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs
Unseen Heroes — Love of Christ Children’s Home needs your help