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WATCH — Secretary-General to bishops: ‘Please stop talking but act’

An exclusive interview for spotlight.africa with Sr Hermenegild Makoro CPS, by Ricardo da Silva SJ.

“Please stop talking but act!” These were the clearly pained words of Sr Hermenegild Makoro CPS, the secretary-general of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, who serves on the special commission set up by the Pope to address sexual abuse in the worldwide Catholic Church.

In an exclusive interview with spotlight.africa, Makoro was emphatic in stressing that policies and protocols alone “won’t help us” when it comes to dealing definitely with sexual abuse in the Church. This “has penetrated the heart of the Church”, she said.

She called all those who had at any time suffered abuse to “Come forward, so that you can be helped”, making an impassioned plea to Church leaders and institutions: “Let’s open our house (and) make it a safe space where people (those sexually abused by clergy) can come and share the pain that we are carrying.”

Makoro admitted that in the earlier stages of the Church’s reckoning with the sexual abuse of minors by priests, they had been focused on accountability. There was a need to admit that “things were not followed well, processes were not followed — and people were not listened to” or believed, she explained.

This aspect of accountability was very much at the fore for bishop-presidents gathered at the recent meeting held at the Vatican. They themselves admitted this, as she paraphrased the bishops’ own words, in the synod hall: “‘We are wrong.’ …  ‘we don’t do our duty.’ … ‘we don’t do what we are supposed to be doing.’”

For Makoro, important as it is to establish mechanisms for accountability, guidelines and procedures for dealing with the aftermath of abuse, such as we have done, it is now time to take seriously the call to real action.

People are angry and hurting, she said. And we cannot say: “‘Okay, it’s (sexual abuse) a mistake’… What mistake?”, she exclaimed, in seeming rhetorical fashion. 

But — replying almost immediately — so as not to leave anything to chance, she said: “Bishops need to act. If a priest has done something it must be acted upon!”

WATCH the full interview with Hermenegild Makoro CPS, secretary-general of the SACBC

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