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Tax Justice Conference ‘Dividends’

by (~3 min read)

Those at the coal-face, those sitting in influential boardrooms and those who teach in prestigious lecture halls, came together to discuss the complexities of international tax justice and its link to poverty at an international conference held in Nairobi. Ant... More »

The ethics of tax justice

by (~6 min read)

On day two of the conference on Tax Justice, Domestic Resource Mobilization and Stemming Illicit Financial Flows in Nairobi, Kenya, the focus turned to ethics. Anthony Egan SJ, reports. More »

REVIEW — Living with the Gods

by (~8 min read)

In ‘Living with the Gods’, Neil MacGregor says that a set of shared beliefs and assumptions (faith, ideology, religion, etc) are at the centre of human existence and progress. Mphuthumi Ntabeni was enthralled by MacGregor’s idea that no organised society, in t... More »

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