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Did Jesus want the clergy we now have?

by (~4 min read)

“It is necessary to prepare a Church of the future, that is less 'clerical' but more 'evangelical'”, argues José María Castillo for Spanish Religious news portal, Religión Digital.   It is a sufficiently well-known fact that Pope Francis is... More »

Becoming aware of Religious Privilege

by (~5 min read)

Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya believes that it is helpful, as the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan begins this week and amidst the context of the much-talked-about existence of “white privilege,” to look at other categories of privilege, for example “religious privilege”... More »

Literature and the burden of history

by (~4 min read)

Mphuthumi Ntabeni examines the state of literature in South Africa and asks why literary prizes are so scarce and why the development of culture and literacy are so under-prioritised, especially by funders and the SA corporate sector who are dwarfed in their g... More »

Male-on-male violence is trashy too

by (~4 min read)

If violence in our society is to be eradicated, men as the leading perpetrators and victims of violence must take the lead. The list of what qualifies men as ‘trash’ must be expanded. Imagine the scenario: A man hits a person with a jug over the head. The vict... More »

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