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When black lives don’t matter

by (~5 min read)

When football fans go to watch a game it should be a relaxing and fun-filled event. For some South African families it has not been. It has, rather, been a day of tragic loss. In the recent past, 87 lives have been lost at football games in South Africa. Fikil... More »

Learners protest against women and child abuse

by (~2 min read)

A regular protest against women and child abuse during morning rush hour traffic is becoming a tradition at a Johannesburg Catholic Girls School. Frank Tuson visited the school earlier this week to see the protest in action. “Kwanele Kwanele” – “Enough is enou... More »

Inequality and the rise of populism

by (~7 min read)

With the release of Oxfam's inequality report and more news from financial risk agencies on the brink of South Africa's VAT hike, Mphuthumi Ntabeni considers the world's current financial trajectory - where the rich get richer and the poor are left behind - an... More »

Libraries: an escape, an investment

by (~6 min read)

The South African National Library was established 200 years ago in 1818. The fact that it still exists today is a testament to the courage and dedication of many generations of librarians, whose love and passion for maintaining the records, literary works and... More »

The Church and my human rights

by (~7 min read)

South Africa's Human Rights Day is at risk of being regarded as just another excuse to gather around a braai and celebrate the fact we’re not at work. We rarely use the day as a time of reflection and consider how far we’ve come as the country, or if we’re sti... More »

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