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Parents: Get involved in education

by (~3 min read)

The month of March will see the election of School Governing Bodies across the country - an election that will have a great impact on the quality of education in our schools. The Catholic Institute of Education has called on parents to get directly involved in... More »

A holding cabinet

by (~3 min read)

After our post-Zuma euphoria, it was inevitable that a measure of realpolitik would intrude at some stage. Last night’s cabinet reshuffle might well have been such a moment, and probably the first of many, writes the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office's (CP... More »

A need for democratic capitalism

by (~7 min read)

When Zuma came into office, we had a budget surplus of R20 billion. He left us with a budget deficit of R50 billion and debt of R2,3 trillion. The national budget announced by Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba suggests it will take three years to get us back to w... More »

Good for the market may not be good for all

by (~4 min read)

While the markets have reacted positively to Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba's Budget Speech, the local Church and civil society have raised concerns on the impact the budget will have on the country's poor and vulnerable. Fr Peter-John Pearson looks at the bud... More »

Budget 2018: From a new dawn to an old dusk

by (~5 min read)

South Africa was gripped by a renewed sense of national pride after the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as the country's new president. The 2018 Budget Speech, however, has brought many South Africans back to earth. Russell Pollitt takes a first glance at the budg... More »

SONA 2018: An ethicist’s perspective

by (~8 min read)

While offering no quick fix solutions, Cyril Ramaphosa's SONA speech was nothing less than a call to renewed cooperation for the common good, says Anthony Egan SJ. He analyses the president's maiden address from a position of Catholic Social Teaching and looks... More »

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