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Pope apologises for comments made

by (~6 min read)

Aboard the papal plane from Lima to Rome Sunday, Pope Francis said that coments made to Chilean journalists during his trip were not intended to cause pain mfor victims of clerical sexual abuse. Hannah Brockhaus of Catholic News Agency reports. More »

Mangope is no hero

by (~6 min read)

In reflecting on the life of Lucas Mangope, some hard facts seem to have been forgotten. Fikile-Ntsikelelo Moya argues that a celebration of the late leader's bricks and mortar achievements belongs in the same category as praising colonialism because it brough... More »

Racism: we have unfinished business

by (~9 min read)

Racism in South Africa is not limited to historical actions and how we address it needs to be mindful and actioned on a daily basis in all areas of our society. Too often we are forced to resort to knee-jerk responses because we have no other outlets to deal w... More »

Pope’s inflight wedding raises questions

by (~4 min read)

Headlines and celebrations have surrounded the impromptu wedding ceremony of two flight attendants during a papal flight. The ceremony, officiated by Pope Francis, has, however led to some Catholics asking questions about wedding taking place outside of a chur... More »

A new academic year of hope and worry

by (~5 min read)

The journey from Grades 1 to 12 is fraught with equal measure of hope and concern. Parents hope for a quality education that will lead to a better life, but there is also concern for the quality of education and whether our politicians, planners and teachers a... More »

Femme fatale – women in gangs

by (~5 min read)

Conversations around gangsterism in South Africa tend to position women exclusively as victims. Danielle Hoffmeester takes a closer look at women in gangs and asks whether their role is limited, or whether female gang members could hold the key to dismantling ... More »

No place for young men

by (~8 min read)

Cape Flats are reminiscent of the calls from the 1990s that gave birth to community vigilantism at the time and resulted in the area becoming a war zone. While the vigilantism has all but disappeared, the gangs live on and the number of victims continues to ri... More »

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